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Welcome to Peace for Moms. Family Recovery Tools & Coaching for Moms of Kids Struggling with Drug Addictions.


Welcome… We are Glad You have Found Us!

Chances are you found us because you have a child who is struggling with addiction, otherwise referred to as a substance use disorder and you’re not sure what you can do to help them get into recovery or restore some peace and order in your own life. You may have even received advice that did not sit well with you or that you even found unacceptable. Advice like, “throw them out” or “use tough love” or “let them hit rock bottom”…  Well, experience and science tells us that those ideas are not helpful and in fact are often very harmful. We’d like to share a different way – one that is designed to bring stability back to your home, peace back into your life, build better communication, repair relationships, and contribute to your loved-one’s best chance at recovery.

This website is designed to create new awareness as well as plant the seeds of knowledge so you can educate yourself and have informed conversations, ask informed questions and make informed decisions about what matters to you most on one of life’s toughest journeys as a parent. As you move forward, there will be many thing you may not even be aware that you don’t know. If you only take away one treasure from this website, let it be this one very important question: Is there anything I should know, that I might not know to ask? Keep that in your back pocket for every conversation you have.

At Peace for Moms, our focus is on you, Mom. We offer free resources as well as paid courses, family recovery coaching, life coaching and support, to help you, and ultimately your family and your loved one who is using. It may surprise you to learn that addiction is a family disease. Of course that doesn’t mean the whole family is using, but it does mean that the whole family needs recovery. We all need to recover from the dis-ease caused by addiction.

Join us for an online course or try a free coaching session, or let us offer you a 12 month  BALM® (Be a LovingMirror) program, designed to support you and equip you with skills that will build your confidence as you deal with some tough issues on this journey. Your instructors will have lived experience and be trained in the methods we are teaching you. Here you will find a safe haven, a confidential community of others on a similar journey, free of judgment. You will discover as much about yourself as your loved one.

You can be your addicted loved one’s best chance at recovery, while restoring peace and calm in yourself, your family and your home. Our evidence based, respectful and compassionate approach will help you powerfully restore stability in your life and set the tone for progress, regardless of the actions of others. Discover the power of being at choice.

Don’t do this alone!! Join a community of people with shared experience, get support and learn how to be your addicted child’s best chance at recovery.

Feeling Safe and Sound

Peace for Moms is all about intention. How we get there is a 3 part process of awareness, education and tools. Getting to a place where we have the energy for creating positive change involves reducing the stress of being in a constant panic mode. We need to have a clear mind and be breathing well so the oxygen gets to our brain. How do we do this?  There are many holistic approaches that offer ways to achieving the same goal – which is a state of PEACE. We achieve this through various practices, such as journaling, breathing exercises, meditations, visualizations, neurofeedback, hypnosis, walking, etc. Sometimes we just can’t get calm enough to “get calm”… Safe and Sound Protocol is a passive treatment through specially filtered music, designed to take you out of a perpetual state of fight or flight…

Gain a Clarity of Intention, the Tools & a Roadmap to Navigate this Journey Towards

Healing and Wellness

Family recovery life coaching is specifically focused on the loved-ones of people struggling with addiction. A family recovery life coach is professionally trained and knowledgeable about the family dynamics when addiction is involved. At Peace For Moms, we work specifically with the Moms. Invest some time in self-care… Try a complimentary 30 minute coaching session to see if it’s a fit for you. 


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 “The opposite of addiction isn't sobriety. It's connection.” ~ Johann Hari


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